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Watch this video at YouTube.

The latest in a series of cloud-based Pedagogy 2.0 tools for creating and uploading educational videos is the YouTube Video Editor. Check out this short video and learn why this new application constitutes an important release, what it comprises and how you use it.


Watch this video at YouTube.

I don’t do social networks. I just don’t. You can take your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your Bebo, Blogster,, Delicious, Foursquare,, MySpace, Ning, Twitter, your Zoopa and the rest and, well, share them with your friends.

Pedagogy 2.0If Homo sapiens are learning animals, shouldn't higher education be the most human of all professions? Pedagogy 2.0 considers the evolving discipline of education, how technology informs it, and how these changes in turn inform our view of who we are as a species.


Has Apple hit a home run or committed a hit-and-run with the release of its redesigned and highly anticipated iPhone 4? Now that the Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports and other publications have given the product a thumbs-down, the controversy brewing about the iPhone 4's dropped calls, dropped bars and Apple's dropped ball continues.

Hersh blog abstract(Watch This And Know What God Looks Like...)

Tech>ProtectFrom time to time I get interesting or pertinent questions from clients, colleagues and readers. I like to post the answers on my blog because I think more people may have the same question. Here's a recent dialogue regarding Payment Card Industry compliance:

(Editor’s Note: Security expert Donald Hester continues to assess the risk in the outsourcing aspect of cloud computing in Part 2 of this two-part opinion column. Part 1 was published on September 22, 2010.)

Lightning strikes from a distant cloud.Cloud computing is “all the rage” right now. Does this sound nebulous to you? (Editor’s Note: Security expert Donald Hester peers into the cloud to assess the risks in this two-part opinion column.)


socialnettree250.jpgWith the rise of social media websites and the misuse of personal information contained within those websites, I think it is a good idea to give some pointers to help you protect your online life. By the time you read this, the Online Teaching Conference in San Diego will be over. I will participate in a panel discussion on social media, and I wanted to have a follow-up article highlighting some of the cautions I plan to give.