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Tech Center Product Adoptions Continue at a Steady Pace

September 25, 2020

MyPath adoption 09.21Systemwide products developed by the California Community Colleges Technology Center are notching strong adoption numbers as colleges throughout the state seek to improve student outcomes and institutional performance through shared applications and data.

The CCC MyPath student onboarding tool has been adopted at 55 colleges as of the fourth quarter of FY 2019-20. Meanwhile, in the past four weeks, more than 80 colleges have adopted and begun using the Data Warehouse Report Server.

The recent increase in adoptions builds on momentum begun in the 2018-19 fiscal year. MyPath, for example, has maintained strong quarterly adoption growth, adding 15 new colleges since Q4 2018-19. And with a recent focus on systemwide metrics reporting, technologies including the Data Warehouse, Multiple Measures Placement Service, and the data-sharing SuperGlue architecture have begun to be more widely embraced as well.

Full implementation and deployment services and single point-of-contact through the Enabling Services team has helped to smooth the adoption process for colleges looking to benefit from systemwide technologies. Officials at Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), which recently went live with MyPath at its nine colleges, were impressed with the overall experience.

"Due to the success of MyPath integration and ease of deployment assistance from the Technology Center and Enabling Services, what else can we deploy that the Tech Center offers?” commented Besty Regalado, Associate Vice Chancellor of Educational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness at LACCD.

More information about how Enabling Services supports adoption of Tech Center products can be found at the Tech Center website.