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What I Did Over the Summer

October 23, 2020

stay-cation memeDuring this unprecedented year we have had to make changes — A LOT of changes — to our everyday lives. While annual summer vacations have essentially been put on hold for the time being, many of us have found a way to take a mini-vacation to break up the monotony. Others have taken on small projects that kept them from going insane (anyone else “Marie Kondo” their home?)

With most indoor activities being non-existent these days, it pushed us to explore the outdoors even more. I, for one, had several new outings to places that were within only a few hours’ drive from here in Butte County but had never considered visiting previously, due to one reason or another. If nothing else, this pandemic has gotten folks outdoors, getting more exercise, and discovering new and exciting things.

Enjoy the slideshow and thanks to everyone who participated!

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Rebecca Miller
Project Manager, CCC Technology Center