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FY 2020-21 Project Initiation Processes Underway

October 23, 2020

Runner jumps off the starting blockProject initiation processes for the 2020-21 fiscal year are underway at the California Community Colleges (CCC) Technology Center.

All FY 2020-21 Work Plans have now been agreed to by the Tech Center and Chancellor’s Office, covering projects under the Shared Infrastructure Program (SIP), Core Applications Project (CAP), and Data Systems Platform (DSP) grants. This year's work plans focus largely on maintenance, stability, and quality of Tech Center products.

Product Managers have drafted fiscal-year Project Charters, Business Requirements, and Roles and Responsibilities documents, which are currently in review. Sean Burke, executive consultant with the Tech Center’s project management office, is working with the Chancellor’s Office Technical Assistance Providers (TAP) team to make sure project initiation documents are aligned with the new Chancellor’s Office processes.

Roadmaps are currently being drafted and will be reviewed and approved by the Tech Center executive team this month prior to being shared with the Chancellor’s Office. Roadmaps will address "technical debt" as a priority, consistent with the maintenance, stability, and quality theme of the work plans for the fiscal year. Roadmaps will then be reviewed with Chancellor’s Office representatives for feedback.

In the meantime, teams are busy with the work at hand for each of their projects.