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White Paper Seeks to Demystify Project SuperGlue

October 23, 2020

Cloud computing conceptSuperGlue is one of the most important but least understood projects of the California Community Colleges Technology Center. Known as an “integration architecture,” SuperGlue runs behind the scenes to support the many different systems our colleges use to serve their students. Yet what this involves, exactly, is not easily described in a few words.

A newly published white paper goes a long way to distilling the technical details to demystify SuperGlue and clarify its value to the colleges. Authored by Lou Delzompo, the Tech Center’s Chief Technology Officer and architect of SuperGlue, the simply titled “An Introduction to Project SuperGlue” provides an indepth look at what SuperGlue enables, how the project came to be developed, and a vision of how it might continue to evolve. The paper can be accessed within Confluence.

What Is SuperGlue?

Formerly known as Project Glue, SuperGlue is a unique combination of several technologies to facilitate data exchange and common workflows across otherwise disconnected systems, such as CCCApply, CCC MyPath, Multiple Measures Placement Service, Canvas, and CCC Data.

SuperGlue employs a common connector to standardize the data, so colleges only have to manage one interface and can control how the data flow into and out of their local student information systems. As a result, the systems — and the colleges that use them — are better able to communicate and respond to students’ needs.

As an example, MyPath, the student onboarding platform, is able on its own to send targeted messages to help students navigate basic enrollment tasks. But using the SuperGlue connector, MyPath can communicate with a college’s SIS to learn more about the student — such as whether they completed orientation, or registered for classes — and immediately point the student to their next step.

“With MyPath and the SIS integrated in this way, the student is never unsure of what's next. Nor are they left wondering if they've missed something,” explained Jane Linder, SuperGlue Product Manager.

Widespread Adoption

As of August 2020, SuperGlue is deployed in production at 51 California community colleges and is in the implementation process at 10 additional colleges.

“We see hundreds of thousands of transactions flowing across the SuperGlue fabric every day with tens of millions per year,” said Delzompo. “Usage is predicted to continue to grow as much as 40 percent year-over-year as more workloads are added that leverage SuperGlue.”

Colleges that adopt SuperGlue receive dedicated implementation support at no cost from the Tech Center’s Enabling Services team. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information about adopting SuperGlue.