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Student Success Suite by the Numbers

November 19, 2020

College students walk to classAs we go about our daily work for the California Community Colleges Technology Center, it can be challenging to remember the impact that our work is having on college students throughout our state.

This story introduces some of the student usage numbers being tracked for the Student Success Suite. The Student Success Suite is a collection of application, onboarding, and engagement tools designed to support students as they begin their academic pathways within the California Community Colleges (CCC).

Like all Tech Center products, the Student Success Suite is grant-funded by the CCC Chancellor’s Office and is available to all 116 colleges within our system.

For this story, we will look at the three main components of the Student Success Suite: OpenCCC, CCCApply, and CCC MyPath. The numbers here are from September.

The Student Journey Begins

When a student chooses to attend a California community college, their first step is to create an account in OpenCCC. An OpenCCC account creates a unique CCCID that will identify the student throughout their college career, helping to tie together data and progress even if the student switches between colleges within the system or attends multiple colleges simultaneously.

In September, OpenCCC was in use at 115 of our 116 colleges. A total of 144,396 new OpenCCC accounts were created.

After creating an OpenCCC account, a student can proceed to CCCApply, the online college admission application.

Like OpenCCC, CCCApply was in use at 115 of 116 community colleges between September 1 and September 30. Google Analytics shows that 481,320 unique visitors used CCCApply during this time. That usage is up approximately 42 percent from September 2019 when there were 338,020 unique visitors.

In September 2020, nearly a quarter-million — 246,438 — college admission applications were submitted through CCCApply.

Custom Pathways

Many California community colleges begin to support their students immediately after application through the student onboarding tool, CCC MyPath. MyPath presents a custom pathway to the student, designed by the admitting college, and tailored to the academic goals and support resources that the student identified during application.

In September 2020, 41 of California’s community colleges used CCC MyPath in support of their students with 15 more in the process of implementing the program.

During this time, Google Analytics shows that 75,547 unique visitors used MyPath, completed more than 14,000 tasks, and received more than 5,000 messages specifically tailored to help them take the next steps toward fulfilling their academic goals in the California Community Colleges.

The Student Success Suite numbers in this story represent a specific snapshot in time. Usage and tasks completed vary on a month-to-month basis and rise and ebb according to the annual academic cycle.

In the future, we will look at other Tech Center products and services by the numbers. For now, we hope that this snapshot of usage helps with an understanding of how the Tech Center products we support on behalf of the California Community Colleges are helping students throughout our Golden State.