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CCC Technology Center Products and Services Serve Students Statewide

May 26, 2020

Community college signThe California Community Colleges Technology Center is a large organization with many moving parts. It can be difficult to understand the impact and importance of our work as a whole. In Tech Central, we will continue to expose data that can help with this understanding.

In our first issue in March, we looked at the number of colleges in the California Community Colleges that take advantage of the technology solutions offered by the CCC Technology Center as funded and directed by the CCC Chancellor’s Office. That count was based on the records maintained by Enabling Services and their direct engagement with the colleges for sales, implementation, and customer relationship management.

While the number of colleges participating is impressive and certainly speaks to the impact of our work across the state, another way to frame the impact of our work is to look at the number of students at those colleges.

The Enabling Services team took the list of participating colleges and determined the student count at each college to come up with these impressive numbers. Student count numbers, as represented in the chart on this page, are based on official California Community Colleges data from the CCC Chancellor’s Office Management Information Systems Data Mart.

Student Impacts of CCC Technology Center products and services, 05.19.20

Please note that these totals simply represent the number of students by headcount at each college that participates in Tech Center technology solutions. Our solutions serve their institutions and help them to serve their students.

Some of our solutions are used directly by students to apply to college, gain financial aid, stay on their academic pathways, and otherwise support the success and equity of their student experiences, but this usage rate is a subset of the overall student population at each college.

So the numbers in this chart, like the count of participatory colleges overall, help us to understand, in a general sense, the dimensions of our work as a whole. In future issues, we will take a deeper dive into usage and results based on statistics collected for individual products, services, and departments of the Tech Center.