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Pet Superstars of the CCC Technology Center

May 26, 2020

Image of Thoughts of a Dog memeEver since the stay-at-home order was issued in response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic back in March, we have been seeking ways to pass the time while maintaining our sanity. This hasn’t been easy but luckily for many of us we have special family members we rely on for additional love and emotional support.

No, I am not talking about parents, kids or significant others, I am referring to our pets.

At one time or another we have all heard the unexpected barking or meowing from a co-worker’s four-legged family member during a Zoom meeting, and, if you are a pet lover like me, you want it held up to the camera so you can see the source.

Pets have become an essential part of our days in isolation, and I for one have enjoyed the extra time with my fur-babies that otherwise I would not be able to partake in. To be fair, since I already worked from home I had plenty of time to see my two polar-opposite cats and overly-excited dog, Bert, who must stay within one foot of me. At. All. Times.

However, if you didn’t already work from home before the stay-at-home order and your pets have been dealing with your presence 24/7, you may be having an entirely different experience. Adjusting to the lack of “me time” (for the pets, not you) can be challenging, even for our non-human companions.

I recently asked California Community Colleges Technology Center staff members to share with me photos of their various pets and to answer one quick question: “What type of pet person are you?”

The results were a bit surprising considering that nationwide, dog people only slightly outnumbered cat people. According to the responses, our Tech Center has nearly four times more dog people than cat people (63% dog to 16% cat), and a few who chose “other” as their pet type (more on those in a future edition). Perhaps the mild California climate and having a more rural environment encourage us to have more canines than felines?

Regardless of what type of pet person you are, we cannot disregard the impact our pets have had on us during the pandemic and how much of a pleasant distraction they have become.

Please enjoy the first slideshow of our winning type of pet - dogs! Dry those tears, cat lovers - felines will be featured in our next newsletter.

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Rebecca Miller
Project Manager, CCC Technology Center