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DII Undergoes Leadership Change

May 27, 2021

Valerie Lundy-Wagner, Interim Vice Chancellor for Digital Innovation and Infracture, California Community CollegesThe California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office announced a transfer of leadership in the Digital Innovation and Infrastructure (DII) Division, the unit that administers systemwide technology initiatives including those managed by the CCC Technology Center.

Valerie Lundy-Wagner (pictured) was named as Interim Vice Chancellor of the DII Division, stepping in for Barney Gomez, who had held the position since August 2018. No further details about the transition were available at the time of publication.

The move comes as the Tech Center — anticipating its own executive changes — begins winding down fiscal year activities and planning for the next annual cycle in cooperation with the Chancellor’s Office. All Tech Center work and preparations for next year will continue as planned.

Data Connection

Lundy-Wagner joined the Chancellor's Office in March 2020 as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Data, a unit of the DII that has worked closely with certain Tech Center projects. For example, the unit has collaborated with the CCC Data team on the Data Warehouse, and this relationship is expected to continue this year, according to Steve Klein, Statewide Director of the Data Services Program. Lundy-Wagner is also a member of the advisory group that meets monthly to help inform the requirements for the Data Warehouse.

Additionally, Research and Data has been a partner in the Multiple Measures Placement Service (MMPS) project for a few years, though Lundy-Wagner has not been directly involved in this effort.

Lundy-Wagner is a nationally recognized researcher on equity in higher education, including how it connects to K-12 and workforce development. In her role with Research and Data, she manages the research agenda design and execution, and for the last year has served as a key informant on development of the statewide longitudinal education-to-workforce data system. More on Lundy-Wagner’s professional background is available here.

We at the Tech Center are looking forward to working more closely with her in the coming fiscal year.