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Heavy Metal Grant Program Supports Community College Career Pathways

May 27, 2021

Metallica Scholars Initiative allwithinmyhands.orgThe revised California budget includes new funding for college affordability and community college workforce development programs, but a little extra outside assistance is always a welcome addition. And in case you didn’t know about the community college-heavy metal connection, a Bay Area powerhouse band is offering financial support in these areas.

An opportunity to boost workforce education is being offered to community colleges through grants from the Metallica Scholars Initiative, which each year provides a round of $100,000 awards intended to support career technical education, whether by enriching pathway programs or providing direct assistance to students.

The initiative is a partnership between the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) and the All Within My Hands Foundation, a philanthropic organization established by the heavy metal band Metallica. Since the first round of grants in 2019, 15 U.S. colleges have received the award through a competitive application process. This year, the initiative is offering up to eight college grants.

“Our intended result is that our students receive instruction enabling them to get higher paying jobs and establish stable careers,” the initiative’s website states. “In most cases this isn’t accomplished by attending school for two years to receive an associate’s degree, but rather the result of a three- or six-month certificate program.”

A call for proposals is open until June 4 for schools that wish to apply for the 2021 funding. To be eligible, colleges must be AACC members. Of the 116 California community colleges, 51 are AACC members, according to the AACC website.

Now that the grant program has proven itself and is expanding, we hope to see some California Community Colleges scholars awarded in the future.