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May 2021

May Revision Restores CENIC Funding

May 27, 2021

CENIC California Research and Education NetworkWhile a proposed funding increase for the California Community Colleges (CCC) outlined in the state's May budget revision holds plenty of good news for the system and its 2.1 million students, the full impact to projects managed under the CCC Technology Center is still being analyzed.

What is known at this time is that $8 million that was called out for CENIC in the January budget proposal has made it into the revised budget announced on May 14. This investment will directly benefit the Tech Center's effort to upgrade network circuits to high-speed fiber at community college sites throughout the state.

DII Undergoes Leadership Change

May 27, 2021

Valerie Lundy-Wagner, Interim Vice Chancellor for Digital Innovation and Infracture, California Community CollegesThe California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor’s Office announced a transfer of leadership in the Digital Innovation and Infrastructure (DII) Division, the unit that administers systemwide technology initiatives including those managed by the CCC Technology Center.

Valerie Lundy-Wagner (pictured) was named as Interim Vice Chancellor of the DII Division, stepping in for Barney Gomez, who had held the position since August 2018. No further details about the transition were available at the time of publication.

Summer Workshops: Not Just for IT

May 27, 2021

Virtual conferencePlanning is well underway for the California Community Colleges Information Security and Accessibility Summer Workshops being held online June 14 and June 15. Sessions being developed span a wide range of topics, so whether you work with IT systems or produce documents for sharing on public websites, there’s sure to be something of interest.

OpenCCC 2.0 Documentation and Resources

May 27, 2021

San Joaquin Delta College students, March 2019; image courtesy of California Community Colleges Chancellor's OfficeOn May 12, the new OpenCCC 2.0 student account system was deployed to Pilot and is now available for colleges to test. The redesigned OpenCCC system is the first component to be released from the joint Student Success Suite — which also includes CCCApply and CCC MyPath — as part of an incremental release plan.

Recognizing that the new student account process has been completely redesigned, the pilot release affords colleges, their staff, and their students several months of testing and preparation before the new system goes live in Fall 2021.

Heavy Metal Grant Program Supports Community College Career Pathways

May 27, 2021

Metallica Scholars Initiative allwithinmyhands.orgThe revised California budget includes new funding for college affordability and community college workforce development programs, but a little extra outside assistance is always a welcome addition. And in case you didn’t know about the community college-heavy metal connection, a Bay Area powerhouse band is offering financial support in these areas.