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Bringing Systemwide Technology Success Stories to Light

March 20, 2020

Tech Center Webinar screenshot of students using mobile CCCApply interfaceAcross the California Community Colleges, awareness of CCC Technology Center solutions is quickly spreading as implementation success stories demonstrate the real benefits for students, staff, and colleges of adopting systemwide technologies.

Various avenues of communication are used daily to broadcast the ways our solutions help colleges address legislative requirements and streamline delivery of instructional and operational resources. However, two separate efforts have shined a spotlight on early adopter success stories: the project-focused Technology Center webinar series, and the statewide Digital Futures newsletter produced by the Foundation for California Community Colleges.

Tech Center Webinars

The Tech Center webinar series originated in 2017 with the CCC MyPath team, as a popular monthly series devoted to MyPath developments and feature demonstrations. In June 2019, the focus of the webinars was expanded to highlight a different Tech Center project each month. Since then, the hour-long sessions have attracted an average of 200 registrants, representing nearly every college across the system.

Tech Center webinars are promoted statewide to more than 5,000 CCC staff and leadership to provide a more complete picture of the wide array of systemwide technologies being developed within the Tech Center organization, and how the various pieces can fit together to help our colleges. Produced jointly by the Tech Center Communications, Enabling Services, and project teams, the online sessions typically feature a product demo, development update, and a presentation from a user college. Recent Tech Center webinars have focused on the SuperGlue integration architecture, the Multiple Measures Placement Service, CCCApply, OpenCCC, and the CCC MyPath student onboarding platform. Webinars are recorded and archived online at

Tech Center webinars may be accessed via CCC ConferZoom web conferencing or by phone. The next webinar is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 8, at noon. Tech Center personnel should refer to the Statewide CCC Meetings internal calendar for information about upcoming webinar topics and how to attend.

For information about upcoming webinars, or to propose a topic, contact Sandoval Chagoya at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Systemwide Newsletter

Digital Futures newsletter is published quarterly by the Foundation on behalf of the Chancellor’s Office, and distributed via email to thousands of CCC staff and leadership statewide. Each issue offers success stories about programs within the community college system that simplify the student journey, and tools that are available to help our colleges improve delivery of student services or instruction, meet legislative mandates, streamline operations, or reduce costs. Additionally, a professional development listing provides the opportunity to promote upcoming events such as webinars, trainings, and workshops.

Since the inaugural issue in May 2018, Tech Center projects have been featured in at least 30 Digital Futures news stories. Stories have focused on CCCApply redesign efforts, CCC MyPath adoption and metrics, launch of the Multiple Measures Placement Service, and Information Security and Accessibility services, to name just a few. An archive of past issues and all stories is online at

Submissions for the May 2020 issue of Digital Futures are due in early April. To propose a news story about your program, contact Sandoval Chagoya at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..