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Tech Center Q3 2019-20 Project Roadmap & Progress

March 20, 2020

Technology Center Q3 2020 high-level roadmapHere at the California Community Colleges Technology Center, there is much more going on under the hood than the high-level roadmap shows, with numerous infrastructure efforts and product releases planning for new capabilities.

The image at right captures a few highlights around pilot releases that will bring new capabilities to key initiatives being developed. Click on the image to see a larger version. Stay tuned and watch as future roadmaps evolve to be even more inclusive and provide direct access to even more Tech Center innovation.

Progress Milestones

Key progress milestones deployed at the Tech Center include:

  • Data Warehouse moved to a production setting in preparation for the ability to be connected to the upcoming Reporting Server.

  • SuperGlue 3.7.0 is set to move to Pilot on March 11, enabling support for new Highest Grade Completed data coming and enhancements to infrastructure.

  • CCCApply 6.7.0 Release date is not yet confirmed, but is targeted for early April. This release will include support for the Highest Grade Completed change, Spanish language translation in all applications, an enhanced mobile experience, and simplification of the Social Security Number question.

The Project Roadmap & Progress update will be a regular feature of Tech Central and will be updated each month.