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Introducing Tech Central

March 20, 2020

CCC nursing studentsWelcome to the inaugural issue of Tech Central, a newsletter for the personnel of the California Community Colleges Technology Center.

A week ago I began to write a very different version of this welcome note. In that time, California declared a State of Emergency, Governor Gavin Newsom has issued a stay at home order for the entire state, and all segments of the public education system, including the community colleges, are transitioning to a school-from-home model.

COVID-19 has proven highly contagious and recent reports say that it can linger in the air and on surfaces far longer than we initially understood. Social distancing and empty store shelves are the current norm.

The spread of the virus is alarming and has affected all areas of business for the 116 colleges and 73 districts of the California Community Colleges.

In the past week, districts and colleges statewide have focused on giving their CEOs emergency powers of authority to act, allowing them to take actions in the face of crisis that they could not normally take due to the education code and other legal restrictions.

On Monday, the Board of Governors voted unanimously to extend this authority to act to Chancellor Eloy Ortiz-Oakley for six months. Truly, the entire California Community Colleges has activated to protect its students and staff.

I know that there is a flood of information out there about the virus right now. For a centralized view of the actions that community colleges are taking, please visit the following page: California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Novel Coranavirus 2019 (COVID-19).

This page is updated daily and the section "Chancellor's Office Communications to Colleges" captures all of the official messages sent to colleges statewide. The update messages, like this one from March 19, are highly detailed and show the current guidance to colleges even as that guidance shifts in the face of new developments. As of this morning the COVID-19 page has a "subscribe" button that will allow you to receive these updates directly. The updates also direct personnel to the Vision Resource Center for more information. 

In addition, the Chancellor's Office delivered a webinar focused on COVID-19 this morning, Friday, March 20. The webinar was recorded and will be posted to the COVID-19 page. Regular webinars will follow on each Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am. Details for attendance are found in the daily updates. 

As we move through these challenging times, our work on behalf of the CCC Chancellor's Office and the 2.1 million students it serves continues. We can reasonably assume that the infrastructure and software applications that the CCC Technology Center supports will be in high demand as our society adopts a life-at-a-distance approach to the current crisis.

I hope to have a very different message to begin the next issue of Tech Central, which will be published monthly for all CCC Technology Center personnel. Next time I will focus more closely on commending the good work that you do on behalf of our state, our Chancellor's Office, and all community colleges systemwide.

For now, please protect yourselves and your loved ones, and stay healthy so that we can continue the important work of supporting our students and staff statewide.

Sandoval Chagoya, 
Director, Public Relations & Marketing
California Community Colleges Technology Center