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Tech Center Leadership in Transition

March 11, 2021

changing seasonSeasons change, time marches on, and the California Community Colleges Technology Center finds itself in the midst of another transition at the leadership level. Here is some background on the three positions that are either currently in the hiring process or will be soon.

Please note that the dates and details presented are the best available at the time this story was published and they may change as the process progresses.

Director, Accessibility Center

Interviews have concluded for Director of the California Community Colleges Accessibility Center, and a formal offer is expected to be made this week. Pending the candidate’s acceptance and approval by the Butte College Board of Trustees at the March 10 meeting, the proposed start date for the new hire is April 1. In the meantime, the director’s position has been well tended by Dawn Okinaka, a Senior Accessibility Analyst, who stepped into the role of interim director last August after the departure of Sean Keegan.

The Accessibility Center Director oversees the CCC Accessibility Center grant and works on behalf of the Chancellor’s Office to promote accessibility of information and communication technologies used by colleges, including web content and instructional media. Top priorities include developing staff and faculty training, cultivating a range of no-cost tools, and communicating best practices related to procurement of accessible technologies.

Chief Technology Officer, Technology Center

Applications are being accepted through March 18 for the Tech Center Chief Technology Officer (CTO) position. Interviews are tentatively planned to begin in mid- to late-April, with selection by early May. The candidate will then be submitted to the board for approval at the May 19 meeting, targeting a June 1 start date.

The CTO is a senior leadership position for the Tech Center, overseeing software development and operations teams. The CTO provides insight and oversight for remote software development and DevOps team members working on systems built entirely upon Amazon Web Services, in support of initiatives that include the CCC Data Lake and Data Warehouse, master data management, SIS integrations and interoperability, student-facing applications, and federated identity.

Executive Director, Technology Center

Tech Center Executive Director Tim Calhoon recently announced that he plans to retire in September, but will officially step away from his role in June for an extended vacation. The CCC Technology Center has been held in good stead under the direction of Calhoon since 2007 and we certainly wish him the best in his new adventures. Jennifer Coleman, Statewide Programs Director for the Student Success Suite, will fill in over the summer on an interim basis.

A national search and hiring process for a new Executive Director is expected to take place over the summer, targeting board approval at the August 11 meeting and a start date of September 1.

As illustrated by the prowess and acumen of past Tech Center leaders — all of whom were required to go through a hiring process similar to what is described above — we expect that the California Community Colleges as a whole, and especially its 2.1 million students, will be well served by this transition in leadership.