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New Design Coming to Student Success Suite

March 11, 2021

College students use library computersThis spring, OpenCCC will introduce a new account-creation process as part of a major software update that will change the way students interact with products developed by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Technology Center.

Because these changes will also impact workflows in CCCApply and CCC MyPath, all three of these products within the Tech Center’s Student Success Suite will be updated concurrently for the first time. The update will include OpenCCC 2.0, CCCApply 6.9, and MyPath 2.12.

OpenCCC account creation is the doorway to all student-facing systemwide applications, including CCCApply and MyPath. It is the first step students encounter in the application and onboarding process, and is the origin point of the CCCID. The CCCID is a unique identifier that allows colleges and researchers to get a more accurate view of how CCC students are using available services as they increasingly attend multiple colleges.

The update planned for late-May will make creating an account faster, easier, and more secure. Students will no longer be required to provide a Social Security Number when creating their CCC account. Two-factor authentication is being added for improved security, while account recovery via text or email is being streamlined by the removal of security questions. Additionally, an enhanced email validation process will help to ensure uniqueness across accounts.

Included in the release will be a Spanish-language version and user-interface changes to create continuity across the Student Success Suite products.

Preparing for the New Process

A number of informational efforts are planned to support this major update. The first of these will be a webinar on Wednesday, March 24, as part of the Tech Center’s ongoing webinar series. Look for an invitation to hit your inbox in the coming weeks.

The OpenCCC product team is currently developing a video demo that will take users step-by-step through the updated account-creation process. Student-focused documentation is also being created to support the new process.