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CCCApply, OpenCCC Update Fulfills Mobile, Spanish, Accessibility Goals

July 10, 2020

CCCApply Spanish-language translation mobile viewThe Spring 2020 update to the CCCApply suite of online applications was released in May, delivering a mobile-friendly, accessible, English-Spanish application that supports more students than ever before.

Though the release was twice delayed — due to COVID-19 and issues discovered during the pilot phase — the entire CCCApply team deserves kudos for executing a major software update chock-full of changes that should have a positive impact on the student experience for years to come.

As the primary focus of the release, full Spanish-language translation was rolled out across all CCCApply applications — which include the Standard (US), International, Noncredit, and California College Promise Grant — and the OpenCCC student account system. Additionally, OpenCCC underwent a redesign that enables a true mobile experience from account creation to application.

The addition of full Spanish-language support fulfills a long-standing goal, and was put in motion by last year’s mobile redesign of the CCCApply suite. That update eliminated the use of “hover text” for translation, which was found to be incompatible with screen readers, said Patty Donohue from the Enabling Services Implementation Readiness team.

“The new design is now fully accessible to screen readers and other assistive technologies, is mobile-friendly, and supports our Spanish-speaking students,” Donohue said.

In addition to the above, the spring release introduced a streamlined Social Security Number question in OpenCCC that greatly simplifies this portion of the application by moving the legal jargon to a slide-out window. Donohue said an upcoming release will make account creation even simpler by moving this question into the CCCApply Standard application.

Also highlighted was a change to residency logic, so that homelessness will no longer be a basis for determining non-residency. Other content changes included a new SuperGlue for Multiple Measures Placement Service microservice to tie in placement data, and new links to an updated AB540 eligibility affidavit form and a new California Dream Act Application.

Congratulations to the CCCApply team and everyone involved in making the Spring 2020 update a success!