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Custom Pathways Coming to CCC MyPath, Courtesy of SuperGlue

July 10, 2020

College students walk on pathway to campusSince as far back as 2008, the California Community Colleges Technology Center has sought to develop a system for delivering ordered tasks and resources for matriculating students to help them stay on track to their unique educational goals. From 2013 to 2018, under the Education Planning Initiative grant, the concept of a guided pathways student services portal with a task-based interface and notification system began to take shape and gain widespread support from colleges.

Today, as a fully realized student onboarding solution, CCC MyPath — which is now embraced by more than half of colleges systemwide — is poised to deliver on the early vision of custom pathways and guidance, thanks to another Tech Center-developed technology known as SuperGlue.

Up to now, the student experience in MyPath has been largely based on information provided by the student at the time of application, through integration with OpenCCC and CCCApply. But a variety of upcoming pilot and production releases will support the integration of student status data from local college information systems into the MyPath student experience, using the SuperGlue College Adaptor as a bridge. This integration will further streamline the guided student pathway, allowing both the student and college to move easily through information related to orientation, admissions, and education planning.

Colleges will now be able to drive behavior and messaging within MyPath based on admissions and education plan statuses that are stored within the college’s student information system (SIS). Additionally, MyPath will be able to send data to the college SIS related to orientation status, allowing the two systems to stay synchronized and dynamically generate a custom pathway experience for incoming students even more seamlessly.

“These are things colleges have been asking for since the early days of the Education Planning Initiative,” said Mike Caruso, MyPath product owner. “We just didn’t have a good way to address them until the past year when we started working together with the SuperGlue team to provide that integration between MyPath and the student information system.”

After release, the feature will be available on an opt-in basis, meaning colleges must request to have it enabled in their MyPath implementation through Enabling Services.

The MyPath and SuperGlue teams next plan to work on enabling student registration status and account-hold updates. Canvas integration is also being considered, and the development team is looking for input and participation from colleges to help drive that effort.