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Tech Center Projects Reorganized

July 10, 2020

With the recent reorganization of the California Community Colleges Technology Center, all development schedules were paused, impacting planned releases and other activities during Q4 2019-20 and Q1 2020-21.

The first-quarter planning milestone schedule was postponed to August 3 to allow teams and individuals to familiarize themselves with new roles and responsibilities as well as ramp up on new project subject matter.

The Technology Center executive team is working to schedule FY 2020-21 Work Plan reviews with the CCC Chancellor's Office by the end of July to confirm priorities that will drive future development under common sprint and planning schedules.

As of July 1, most ongoing Technology Center projects are now grouped under “super projects” known as Student Success, Infrastructure and Data, and Curriculum Management. Additional projects not grouped into these categories include CENIC, the Accessibility Center, and the Information Security Center. A breakdown of super projects is provided in the slide below (click to enlarge).

TC super projects