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Pet Superstars of the Technology Center: Cat Edition

July 10, 2020

Cat memeWe hope you enjoyed the last article featuring dogs of the California Community Colleges Technology Center, so let’s take a look at the second-most favorite pets — cats!

As those of you who have been working from home already know, cats can make the perfect office pet — they sleep 95 percent of time, don’t need to be let out for walks, and rarely bark at the slightest noise. They can also make the worst office pet if they insist on meowing incessantly for no apparent reason (looking right at you, Purrl!) or decide to sleep on your nice, warm keyboard while you are trying to type up an important report.

I was surprised to learn how many folks here at the Technology Center were dog people instead of cat people. Only 16 percent of the respondents fancied themselves feline folks. Living in a rural agriculture-ish town north of Chico, we always had dogs and cats around, but I was drawn to those loveable, unpredictable fluffballs more than any other pet. Some were deliberately brought into the family (usually selected from a box in front of the local grocery store) while others just showed up one day and never left.

Generally speaking, cat people tend to be more creative, thoughtful, and introverted while dog people are more social, agreeable, and extroverted. Judging by that criteria alone I definitely fit the “cat person” persona. I was painfully shy and quiet as a kid (hard to believe that now) and my cats instinctively knew how to relate to me. How does your personality jive with the type of pet person you identify with?

While you ponder the pets in your life (and if you need to add more to your family), please enjoy this slideshow of Cats of the Technology Center.

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Rebecca Miller
Project Manager, CCC Technology Center