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Triplets Graduate with 4.0 GPAs from Fullerton College

July 14, 2022

The DeVries triplets, Fullerton College, May 2022As we highlight California Community Colleges graduates and transfer success stories throughout the state, we’d like to include three cheers for the DeVries triplets — Grant, Kennedy, and Madison — who recently graduated from Fullerton College with high honors.

The siblings took advantage of a dual enrollment program to take college-level courses in lieu of their normal high school curriculum and get credit for both.

In 2018 at the age of 14, the DeVries triplets enrolled at Fullerton College as dual enrollment students. This May, all three graduated from Fullerton’s Honors Program with 4.0 GPAs and at least two associate degrees apiece.

We extend our congratulations to the DeVries and the thousands of other CCC students who achieved educational success this year! Read more about the DeVries triplets and their community college journey on the Fullerton College website.