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Student Success Suite Release Wrap-up

February 25, 2022

Bakersfield College Commencement 2016, courtesy of California Community Colleges Chancellor's OfficeFrom Executive Director, Dr. Jennifer Coleman:

With the Student Success Suite (SSS) release delivered the weekend of January 28-30, the California Community Colleges Technology Center moved closer to our goal of a singular, quality user experience within our student-facing applications. This was the biggest release we’ve ever attempted and we are now in a position to continue modernizing and securing the technology stack that supports these core products.

I want to acknowledge the hard work of our team members over the past few years, and most especially the past few months to get this release out the door.

There were more than a few challenges along the way, including reductions in staffing and changes in vendor relationships, that had to be overcome. We are now on the other side of the production release and the team has been once again hard at work addressing bugs via hotfixes.

We can look forward to the next generation of the product suite, where configuration and customization based on student goals and needs will drive development of a modern, streamlined user experience. Digital equity based in accessibility and security and in support of the Chancellor’s Vision for Success will serve as our guiding principles.

Summary of Hotfixes

Multiple updates to the SSS 1.0 Student Account Database fixed a number of important issues, including:

  • Students encountering intermittent issues submitting an application
  • Missing student address data affecting some student residency flags
  • Period (.) in student account email address username (i.e., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) prevents students from resetting their password
  • SSNERROR displaying for SSN in CCCApply Download Client Files
  • CCCApply production Report Center not available
  • Intermittent issues creating a student account

The following fixes were in progress as of February 16:

  • Student address migration for some accounts added CA ZIP Codes to “non US” Postal code field. Affected students are incorrectly flagged as “non resident” due to the CA ZIP code value in the “non US” postal code field
  • CCPG Middle Name and SSN field missing in Download Client application data, hindering colleges in their ability to process student CCPG applications. Student Middle Name and SSN has been captured for students when entered and can be delivered via the Download Client when the fix is deployed.
  • Intermittent DOB format error when creating a student account. A recommended workaround is to use the calendar to select the date of birth rather than entering it manually.