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CCCApply by the Numbers

February 4, 2021

college students walking to campusMore than 2.1 million prospective students apply to California’s 116 community colleges each year through This year marks the 20th anniversary of CCCApply, the flagship product of the California Community Colleges Technology Center.

As the centerpiece of the Student Success Suite, CCCApply is our January focus for our continuing look at Tech Center products and services “by the numbers.”

Data from Google Analytics provides some clues to how prospective CCC students are being directed to the online application. An analysis of traffic during the second half of 2020 shows that CCCApply received 64,408 referral users, or visitors that were directed to from another website. Unsurprisingly, the busiest month — with 17,068 visits — was August, when Fall registration was at its peak. November saw the least number of visits, at 7,321.

During this period, the top referral sources included:

  • CCC Chancellor’s Office website
  • icanaffordcollege, a CCC-sponsored financial aid website
  • Save Our Schools March, a nationwide movement to support funding for public education
  • Various colleges and districts

Referral Traffic

The CCC Chancellor’s Office website was the no. 1 referral source in all months analyzed except for August, when more traffic came directly from college websites.

The following charts show monthly referral traffic to CCCApply between July and December and the top three sources of referral traffic during the same time period:

CCCApply monthly referral traffic, July 2020 through December 2020, per Google Analytics



CCCApply top three referral websites, July 2020 and December 2020, per Google Analytics