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Tech Center Product Highlights, Q2 2020-21

December 17, 2020

artificial intelligence conceptFall has been a busy season for product development at the California Community Colleges Technology Center. Even as internally approved FY 2020-21 roadmaps are awaiting feedback from executive sponsors at the Chancellor’s Office, a number of significant releases have recently taken place or are imminent.

Detailed Q3 plans were presented internally on Dec. 15, too late to be included in this publication. However, activities during Q2 largely set the stage for things to come.

Student Success Suite

Q2 releases included MyPath 2.11 in September, which established background processes to support statistical reporting, and CCCApply 6.8 in December, which implemented a legislative change.

All student-facing products are getting a user-interface update to apply the new Chancellor’s Office style guide, a change meant to ensure that users have a cohesive experience across all products. To allow for more extensive user acceptance testing of the unified design, the just-released CCCApply 6.8 was scaled down to only the necessary changes and OpenCCC 2.0 was pushed out to Q4 2020-21.

The release of OpenCCC 2.0 — introducing a new account-creation process and a Spanish-language version — will now coincide with the CCCApply 6.9 Annual Update and CCC MyPath 2.12, in the first major joint release for the Student Success Suite. CCCApply 6.9 will include workflow modifications to support the new OpenCCC process, and potentially introduce changes meant to streamline the Standard, International, and California College Promise Grant applications.

Data and Infrastructure

The CCC Data project has been primarily focused on adding new data sources to the Data Warehouse and making data available to researchers through the Data Warehouse Report Server.

CCC Data 2.0, now in pilot, will enable colleges to access the Data Warehouse with a direct connection to internal business intelligence systems. This effort has taken longer than originally anticipated because it requires college IT resources to be engaged and implementation of a VPN for access. Pilot testing is expected to wrap up by January and launch to production soon after.

CCC Data 2.1 will be released to pilot in Q3 2020-21, adding data sources including Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory (COCI), MyPath, and Canvas.

SuperGlue updates soon to be in pilot will bring changes to the download client, as well as supporting additional data sources for the Multiple Measures Placement Service.

Curriculum Management

Curriculum management developments in Q2 were beset by a number of unanticipated scope changes, which caused pilot testing to be extended through the end of the year. Enhancements to COCI are now expected next quarter. Meanwhile, C-ID 3.6 is in its second pilot phase with production release targeted after the new year.