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Data Warehouse Report Server Expansion Supports Systemwide Strategic Vision

August 21, 2020

Tracking metrics against the systemwide strategic visionA pending, major upgrade to the Data Warehouse Report Server will add multi-factor authentication and a host of new data sources for analysis and reporting by institutional researchers and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

Following the release, researchers will now have secure access to their college’s data generated from the CCCApply Standard, International, and Non-Credit applications, the digital California College Promise Grant, and the Multiple Measures Placement Service.

With the new data sources — and more to come this fall — institutions will have robust reporting capabilities at their fingertips to support institutional decision making in alignment with the greater strategic vision of the California Community Colleges.

The expansion of data sources has been a long time in coming, and brings the overall CCC Data project closer to fulfilling its original purpose. The project was launched in 2016-17 as a way to aggregate data generated from systemwide sources including the former Common Assessment Initiative, Canvas, CCCApply, and CCC MyPath. In 2018, the project was scaled back to focus solely on providing colleges with LGBTQ data for legislative reporting.

CCC Data provides the infrastructure to aggregate system and college-specific data across disparate applications, and make the data available to colleges and the Chancellor’s Office. The project is part of the CCC Chancellor’s Office’s Data Services Program (DSP) initiative, administered by the CCC Technology Center.

CCC Data consists of:

  • Data Lake, used to collect data from a variety of sources, populate the Data Warehouse, and enable data mining and auditing.
  • Data Warehouse, which acts as a structured source of master data, segmented by MIS code so researchers may access data specific to their institution.
  • Data Warehouse Report Server, which provides a means for researchers to access their college’s data.

Additionally, support will soon be added for colleges to have direct access to the Data Warehouse using their local business intelligence tools.

Also coming this fall, more data sources will be added, including the COCI curriculum inventory and C-ID course identification systems, as well as an expanded data set from CCC MyPath. Support for colleges to tie their Canvas data into the Data Warehouse is also planned.