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SuperGlue Required for CVC-OEI Course Exchange

August 30, 2022

In a library setting, one student uses laptop computer across the table from someone studying a textbook.With the mandated implementation of a systemwide online course exchange by 2023, adoption of SuperGlue is about to get a big boost.

As communicated by the Chancellor's Office in a recent memo, all colleges must take steps to become a course exchange “teaching college” by next spring — including enabling SuperGlue, the integration framework developed by the California Community Colleges Technology Center.

Additional course exchange requirements include enabling eTranscript California and InCommon Federation Single Sign-On (SSO), also called IdP Proxy.

In an Aug. 8 communication to college leadership, Valerie Lundy-Wagner, Vice Chancellor for Digital Innovation and Infrastructure, set out a timeline for colleges to implement the course exchange, which is hosted by the California Virtual Campus — Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI). According to the memo, by the beginning of the first academic term that starts on or after Jan. 1, 2023, colleges must:

  • Implement the steps to become a course exchange “Home College” — which include enabling the SSO and eTranscript California for receiving transcripts
  • Implement or commit to completing additional steps to become “Teaching College ready” — which include enabling eTranscript California for sending transcripts and the SuperGlue college adapter
  • Commit to joining one of five Teaching College implementation cohorts, starting in September 2022, November 2022, January 2023, April 2023, and June 2023

Launched in 2016, SuperGlue provides a secure pipeline for real-time, bi-directional data between college Student Information Systems and systemwide applications like Canvas, CCC MyPath and CCCApply, in order to better understand the way students move through the community college system.

Development of SuperGlue was largely driven by the Online Education Initiative’s effort to create a systemwide online course exchange. To operate effectively, the exchange needed a way to allow disparate SIS to communicate in a standadized way through a cloud service, thus the SuperGlue college adapter was born.

After the OEI grant separated from the Technology Center in 2018, internal work on the exchange ceased. But SuperGlue development continued and eventually it became a “prerequisite” for adoption of Technology Center products such as the Multiple Measures Placement Service. It also enabled colleges to more fully utilize features of MyPath and CCCApply.

Recently, with the phase-out of the CCCApply Download Client, SuperGlue became the sole delivery mechanism for colleges to receive new CCCApply student application data.