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Media Blitz Aims to Boost CCC Enrollment

August 31, 2021

California Community Colleges I Can Go to College websiteThe California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has launched a statewide enrollment drive running through Labor Day to reach prospective students statewide, especially those in underserved communities hardest hit by the pandemic.

The “2021 Enrollment Blitz,” announced by Acting Chancellor Daisy Gonzales, stresses the importance of enrolling in community college — right now — along with inspirational messages and tools to easily enroll. CCCApply, the systemwide admission application, features prominently in the campaign, as applying to college is the first step to enrolling.

“Today, higher education is more important than ever before and yet enrollment is down across the board,” Gonzales said in a video announcing the campaign. “It’s time to get California back on its feet. I truly believe that California community colleges play a pivotal role in California’s recovery.”

The campaign complements the new student-centered website I Can Go To College, where “Enroll Now” is the primary call to action. The new I Can site consolidates and replaces the former I Can Afford College, A Degree With a Guarantee, and California Community Colleges Career Education websites.

On the I Can website, clicking “Enroll Now” takes prospective students to, where they can find colleges near them and apply online.

Outreach is blanketing all media, including digital advertising, radio, cable TV, and social media influencers, promoting flexible paths that lead to good-paying careers, and the availability of financial aid and support services to help students succeed. The campaign includes empowering messages to Black and African American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and American Indian and Alaska Native audiences.

Colleges are being asked to participate through localized enrollment campaigns that tie in with the statewide effort. A digital toolkit is provided that includes website graphics, templates, and talking points.