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LSP Funding Restored, Tech Center Processing Reimbursements

April 28, 2022

African-American woman in college library using laptop to access informationA former program of the California Community Colleges Technology Center has come back into the fold — temporarily.

After being handed off to the Community College League of California (CCLC) more than a year ago due to a lapse in funding, the Library Services Platform (LSP) project received a new allocation in the 2021-22 state budget. The Tech Center has been tasked with handling reimbursements to colleges for overlapping subscription costs already paid to CCLC.

The reimbursement effort has been highly successful to date, with 90 out of 110 colleges having submitted reimbursement requests.

The LSP is a systemwide technology platform designed to expand implementation of the library services and technology platform, better manage and deliver digital information, and support teaching and learning regardless of a student's chosen modality. The platform promotes more equitable access to library resources, which furthers the California Community Colleges’ Vision for Success.

Despite near-universal adoption by California community colleges, the LSP went unfunded in 2020-21. To avoid interruption of library services, the CCLC, with a financial grant from the statewide Academic Senate, assumed management of LSP subscription services and operational support.

The 2021-22 state budget allocated $4 million in ongoing annual funds to allow the CCC Chancellor’s Office to restore support for the LSP program. That funding went into effect July 1. However, LSP subscriptions run January to December. Due to contractual and legal restrictions, colleges must be reimbursed for the subscription fees already paid to CCLC in 2021 before a new agreement can be in place.

That’s where the Tech Center comes in. According to memo DII 21-200-05 dated Nov. 19, 2021, the Tech Center will process reimbursement requests on behalf of the Chancellor’s Office. The process will be structured as a direct reimbursement between Butte-Glenn Community College District and each LSP institution for ExLibris subscription payments that have been made to CCLC.

The Tech Center has set up a subscription reimbursement request process on its website, including links to a request form, information about submitting invoices from two different calendar years to support a single fiscal year of ExLibris expenses, and contact information for any questions. Reimbursement requests must be submitted by May 31, 2022. Colleges can go to the Tech Center website to learn more about the reimbursement process and submit LSP reimbursement requests.