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California Community Colleges Education Planning InitiativeAs a precursor to what will be a landmark year, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) has begun posting a series of videos on its website aimed at providing a wealth of information on the project.

The first two in the series, consisting of a webinar and a follow-up informational video, were recently posted to the EPI website at

Additional webinars and videos are planned and will be available on the initiative website as well.

EPI Phase Two Underway

EPI has a four-part mission, which consists of:

  • Providing transcript, articulation and curriculum inventory elements to colleges with existing education planning and degree audit systems;
  • Providing a low cost/no cost solution to those colleges without an education planning and degree audit system;
  • Developing a student services portal that will customize and sequence matriculation information and activities for student success;
  • Helping college counselors leverage technology to reach more students.

In working to fulfill this mission, EPI has advanced to the next phase with two of its key components. The first, the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform, supported by Hobsons, has begun its pilot phase and is in the process of selecting districts for round two. The other component, the Student Services Portal, is ready to begin selecting colleges for its own pilot phase. With these two initiatives entering significant phases of their development, EPI launched a series of webinars to provide information to interested CCC personnel.

The first webinar in this series, “EPI 101,” served as an introduction to the EPI program. The presentation, approximately an hour long, features representatives from the EPI team and Hobsons, discussing four topics. Statewide Program Director David Shippen provided an overview of the EPI. Additionally, EPI Project Manager Robyn Tornay, EPI Product Manager Barbara Fountain, and Hobsons Account Executive Kelly Kilby shared important information about the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform and the current status of implementation. EPI Product Manager Mike Caruso then discussed the Student Services Portal, showcasing the features that will be available during its pilot phase. Rounding out the webinar, EPI Marketing Representative Robert Burnie discussed EPI’s marketing efforts to the colleges. The session concludes with an engaging question and answer period.

Positive Response

The webinar was attended by more than 200 participants, 43 percent of whom were CCC faculty. Ninety-four percent of participants stated the webinar contained relevant information and 97 percent stated the presenters were effective in delivering the material.

Due to the responses received, EPI followed the EPI 101 webinar with an informational video, presented by Robyn Tornay, in which she went in-depth into several of the questions received during the EPI 101 Q&A. Both videos are posted in the webinar section of the EPI website at Anyone interested in learning more about the EPI should view both of these videos, as they provide a comprehensive overview of the initiative.

More Webinars Planned

The next presentation in EPI’s webinar series will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 27. The focus will be on the pilot colleges currently implementing the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform. Robyn Tornay and Barbara Fountain will host a discussion with representatives from colleges as they provide first-hand experience on the implementation process.

In February, EPI Product Manager Angela Baucom will conduct a webinar focused on the Online Orientation portion of the Student Services Portal. To view more information on these and future Education Planning Initiative webinars, please visit the EPI website at

David Quintanilla is a project team member of the
California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative