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California Community Colleges Education Planning InitiativeThe California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) continues to move forward with providing a streamlined and structured pathway for California’s community college students, staff and faculty.


Production of the student services portal and education planning tools are on the horizon and new developments are always in the works with every sprint, implementation meeting and planning that is being done on the project.

Education Planning

The EPI team has been engaged in technical kickoffs and implementation meetings with pilot colleges the last couple weeks. Progress is being made on program build components as well as feature specifications for each individual college. During weekly calls with their implementation specialists, colleges meet to discuss their particular requirements, design specifications and action items for the week ahead.

The team has also been assisting with additional speaking obligations at colleges to increase visibility within the college community about the EPI project, how the project will assist students as well as the college, and the overall vision of the project. We are also speaking at some upcoming statewide and college engagements over the next month, including:

  • Sept. 15: New Admissions Directors Training, Sacramento
  • Sept. 16: CACCRAO Executive Board Meeting, Sacramento
  • Sept. 17-18: State Center Community College District, Fresno
  • Oct. 1-2: Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Summit, Sacramento
  • Oct. 3: SSSP Region 3 Meeting, Marin

The remaining pilot colleges are waiting for their technical kickoffs to take place in the next couple weeks, and one college will have its pre-planning session in late October.

Student Services Portal

The portal team is making excellent progress. Development work has expanded beyond infrastructure and into feature-level development, with a focus on customizable tools that will allow institutions to be able to adopt the statewide student services portal with a more modern platform that is specific to their own institutional needs.

Attention is being paid to the user who will define content. It is the goal of the portal team to ensure that many features that come packaged with the portal are usable by a wide range of institutional admins, rather than being only useful to IT-savvy staff members.

The look and feel of the portal has undergone testing and has been voted upon by a contingent of students throughout the state. A finalized design has been chosen and is currently being implemented along with a set of tools that will allow institutions to add brand-specific touches to their portal’s user experience.

Robyn Tornay is a project manager for Education Planning and Student Services at the
California Community Colleges Technology Center.

Mike Caruso is portal product manager for the
California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative.