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California Community Colleges Common Assessment InitiativeWith ACT planning to discontinue its Compass assessment test in fall of 2016, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) is trying to identify how colleges are using the test in order to mitigate the impact.

Under the current timeline for implementation, CCCAssess will be approved and available for use in Fall 2016 for Spring 2017 placements. This aligns with the discontinuation of Compass. We are now working to determine the full use of that test within the CCC.

This article from Inside Higher Ed discusses the reasons behind ACT’s decision. It also mentions the implementation of the CAI here in California in regard to impact on colleges.

Assessing The Impact

Once we received the news about Compass in June, the CAI team began factoring into the project plan what this would mean to our rollout timeline and the affected colleges. We are working with the CCC Chancellor’s Office to provide assistance and resources for those colleges using Compass for English, Math or ESL placements. We want to reduce unnecessary stress and avoid duplication of effort that would come with selecting a new second-party test for use between discontinuing Compass and implementing CCCAssess.

While we have access to general information about which colleges use Compass, we ask for your assistance in identifying exactly how Compass is used at your specific college. Please contact Jennifer Coleman, CAI Statewide Program Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (530) 879-4165 in order to make sure you are on this list.

In the meantime, we ask that you work to establish a local implementation team to analyze how the coming transition plays out at your college. Please see this article from June 4 for details on getting this work started.

Dr. Jennifer Coleman is Statewide Program Director of the
California Community Colleges Common Assessment Initiative