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California Community Colleges Education Planning InitiativeThe California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) continues to move forward with the numerous development and pilot projects the team is currently working on through the hot summer months.


Progress is being made on the student portal and education planning system, as teams work with partners to establish and create the best tools, pathways and resources for students, staff and faculty.

Portal Construction

Construction of the statewide student portal is moving along quickly and on schedule. In June, major pieces of functionality were completed, including a login interface for test users. Additionally, design code was completed that will provide a modern, sleek experience.

During July, the development team will continue working on underlying platform code, while work groups and EPI team members continue planning the next phase, which is centered on the addition of tools that can be customized by individual colleges.

Pilot implementations are beginning over the summer and the first version of the portal is expected to be available to EPI pilot colleges by late 2015.

Planning Tools For Students

June was a productive month for the Education Planning/Student Retention team. Currently working with three multi-college and six single-college pilot districts, the team and its partner have kicked off two districts with the planning tools. City College of San Francisco and Contra Costa Community College District have both begun their implementations and will engage in technical kickoffs with the partner in the coming month. Santa Rosa Junior College also conducted its pre-planning meeting in June and will hold its kickoff meeting soon. El Camino College has a pre-planning meeting scheduled, and both San Bernardino Community College District and Victor Valley College have kickoff meetings planned for July.

Two New Support Communities

A couple of new support communities have recently landed on the EPI website. To access them, go to and click on Portal FAQ and Degree Audit & Education Planning Tool FAQ on the left panel. These are part of a community where CCC personnel can come to share ideas, find information, help other community members, or even report problems they are experiencing with technology.

Through these communities, we intend to engage our CCC family with information, inspiration and knowledge as we embark further on our quest to structure student pathways.

Robyn Tornay is a project manager for Education Planning and Student Services at the
California Community Colleges Technology Center.

Mike Caruso, Education Planning Initiative portal product manager,
contributed to this report.