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California Community Colleges Common Assessment InitiativeAs the New Year rolls out, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) continues to work with college stakeholders across the state to plan out what the future will hold.


With the Request for Proposal (RFP) submission process having closed on Jan. 9, and the process of choosing vendors starting to take shape, CAI Statewide Program Director Jennifer Coleman explained that more faculty are needed to take part in the initiative’s three major workgroups—English, Math and English as a Second Language (ESL).

“We want to make sure that we have the full spectrum of courses covered in all three areas,” Coleman said. “We want to key up in a few areas such as reading, higher-level math and non-credit ESL courses. With math, for example, we have a need for faculty in trigonometry, statistics and calculus. We also have a need for basic arithmetic and some of the other lower levels.

“We will be working with vendors over the coming months,” she added. “This will give faculty the opportunity to actually drive the creation of the test items, and have a close involvement with the overall development process.”

Full Calendar

In other news, Coleman outlined what’s on her calendar through the second week of June, including a total of 45 meetings with work groups and steering committee members spread out in Sacramento, Orange County and San Diego. Additionally, CAI leadership will present at a number of upcoming organizational meetings, such as the Community College League of California’s Annual Legislative Conference, Jan. 25 to Jan. 26, and the Academic Senate for CCC’s Plenary Session, April 9 to April 11.

“These are all meetings in which we will be engaging stakeholders from across the state to join in the creation of paths going forward, and to work with vendors to create test content and the platform itself,” Coleman explained.

In summary, CAI is engaging the field, and the next several months are vitally important for getting more educators informed and involved.

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