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California Community Colleges Education Planning InitiativeIn a resolution passed by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC), faculty statewide officially endorsed the CCC Education Planning Initiative (EPI) tool suite for use as part of colleges’ guided pathways frameworks.

ASCCC Resolution 11.01: Support for Educational Planning Initiative’s Suite of Tools, was passed at the 2017 Fall Plenary Session, held Nov. 2 through Nov. 4, in Irvine, Calif., with 121 delegates voting.

The resolution was one of 41 that were passed during the fall session, and the only one directly addressing technology.

ASCCC Resolution 11.01 specifically called out the CCC MyPath student services portal as being “the natural technology platform to develop a guided pathways infrastructure.” It further identified the Starfish by Hobsons education planning software suite as a potential component of colleges’ student success programs.

In addition to endorsing the EPI tools, the ASCCC also communicated its support for these specific tools to be part of the discussion as colleges work with the CCC Chancellor’s Office to develop guided pathways frameworks.

ASCCC President Julie Bruno said the resolution was a way for the senate to highlight the work of the EPI and faculty participants across the state who have diligently worked to create the EPI tool suite, and to remind colleges and colleagues that the tools are available and well suited to support California Guided Pathways principles.

“As guided pathways is becoming part and parcel of the way colleges are doing business, we wanted to make sure folks are aware of the tools the EPI has made available to colleges, and that they can be excellent tools for aligning their student success programs with guided pathways because they are designed to reach all of our students in support of their educational goals,” Bruno said.

“We don’t normally endorse specific software, but it was an endorsement of the work the EPI has done to pull together that suite of tools,” she added.

What Are EPI Tools?

The EPI tool suite consists of the CCC MyPath student services portal, and the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform, which provides education planning and degree audit capability.

The CCC MyPath student portal will customize and sequence matriculation information and activities to lead students toward successful completion of their goals. The portal is designed to be the jumping-off point for various student functions – such as CCCApply, Career Coach and the Starfish Early Alert system – and will collect them in a central location so the student always knows where to find them. The portal may also serve as an entry point to the Canvas course management system and the Online Course Exchange.

The Starfish Enterprise Success Platform combines Degree Planner and Early Alert/Connect retention tools to help students map out a multi-year plan to complete an associate degree, certificate or transfer pathway. According to Hobsons, 34 of California’s 114 community colleges have active contracts for the Starfish platform.

The full text of the ASCCC resolution can be found here.

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor


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