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California Community Colleges Common Assessment InitiativeDevelopment of CCCAssess, a common assessment test for math, English and English as a Second Language for the California Community Colleges (CCC), has ended, according to a recent announcement from the Chancellor’s Office.

In an Oct. 24 memo sent to college, business, instructional and student services leadership statewide, Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley said the decision to stop further work on CCCAssess was based on a combination of factors. These included implementation challenges, mounting evidence that standardized assessments are ineffective in accurately placing college students, as well as California Governor Jerry Brown’s recent signing of Assembly Bill 705, requiring the use of high school information for assessment and placement in community college courses.

Successes Noted

Despite the decision to end development of the CCCAssess project, the Common Assessment Initiative (CAI) has succeeded in producing a number of valuable and tangible products, Oakley noted in the memo.

“In fact, several aspects of the program have been successful and will be used in future efforts, including the extensive work that has gone into designing, developing and testing the IT platform upon which the CCCAssess tests would have resided,” Oakley stated. “Additionally, valuable [Multiple Measures Assessment Project] data resulted from these efforts, fortifying the use of high school GPA in the future. Finally, faculty developed curriculum maps that can be leveraged to support other aspects of the state and local completion work.”

Future Direction

The memo also outlined a way forward for colleges, especially those that were involved in pilot and field testing of CCCAssess. These include recommendations for colleges to follow in selecting a new set of assessment measures, and plans by the Chancellor’s Office to assemble an AB 705 implementation team to assist with the guidance and practices associated with the legislation.

Read the full text of the memo on the CAI website. Recent Chancellor’s Office updates can also be found on the Timeline Update page.

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor