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California Community Colleges Common Assessment InitiativeA hoped-for fall launch of the California Community Colleges (CCC) common assessment has been put on hold. The hold will allow the Chancellor’s Office to further study issues that first led to an analysis of the CCCAssess pilot.

In a June 15 memo, the Chancellor’s Office stated that project-related issues and test measurement challenges make it unlikely that a complete package of tests will be ready for Fall 2017, the revised pilot launch date that was announced in January.

“In last month’s [May 5] update to Chief Executive Officers, Chancellor Oakley wrote that a technical review of the CCCAssess project was underway,” the June 15 memo stated. “That review is now complete and the Chancellor’s Office has decided that the best course of action is to pause work on several areas of the CCCAssess project for 30-90 days to give time for an expert team to analyze the problematic parts of the project, augment the project team, and update the project timeline for tasks and deliverables.”

The June 15 memo, which was signed by Debra Connick, Vice Chancellor of Technology, Research and Information Services, and Pamela D. Walker, Vice Chancellor of Educational Services, was distributed to all college, instructional and student services leadership, and the statewide academic senate.

Item level pilot data collection and technology platform development will continue in the interim, according to the memo.

Reiterating Oakley’s earlier message, the memo stated that CCCAssess has always been envisioned as a component of a multiple measures approach to assessment, and noted that training and technical assistance is available to colleges for various aspects of multiple measures assessment.

“We would like to thank the CAI project team and the colleges that have participated in pilot and field testing for their continued commitment to this important project,” the memo stated. “Further, we appreciate and value the difficult and challenging work that has been accomplished thus far. It is the Chancellor’s Office expectation that by pausing to conduct a thorough review of the project status and make any necessary adjustments to the project will allow us to proceed to full and successful completion of this pioneering effort.”

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Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor 


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