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California Community Colleges Online Education InitiativeOver the years, the California Community Colleges (CCC) has deployed innovative programs and initiatives that support the best interests of the state’s 113 community colleges. Among these is the CCC Online Education Initiative (OEI).

Core within the OEI’s clearly articulated plan is to serve as a conduit for innovative practices in online learning for California’s community colleges. Included in this plan is the delivery of a unified course management system.

In 2015, through a competitive bidding process, a statewide committee of 50 stakeholders – which included students, faculty (Academic Senate appointees), administrators and representatives from the CCC Technology Center – identified Canvas as the OEI’s partner in accomplishing a key element of its deliverables. Today, 105 of California's community colleges – 93 percent of the system – are using Canvas in varying capacities.

EdTech Conference For CCC Canvas Users

To celebrate Canvas’ role in supporting innovation systemwide, the 2017 Can•Innovate Conference – an education technology conference dedicated to faculty, staff and administrators across the CCC – is being hosted by the Los Rios Community College District and will take place on the American River College campus in Sacramento, Calif. on Aug.14, 2017.

The Conference is the first of its kind, and its name, Can•Innovate, reflects the system’s desire to continually seek and provide innovative programming through the Canvas platform, to address the evolving landscape of education. The Conference agenda aims to inspire attendees with practical examples, encourage lively discussions, and brainstorm dynamic ideas that serve to continue enriching the online education environment of the CCCs.

Online Education Ecosystem

This year’s keynote speaker is Jory Hadsell, EdD, Executive Director of the OEI. Prior to joining the OEI, Dr. Hadsell was with the Los Rios Community College District for eight years, serving as Coordinator of Distance Education and Academic Technologies, and as the department chair of Learning, Tutoring and Academic Technologies. He will speak about Canvas’ role in the OEI’s build-out of a robust online education ecosystem and integrated technology resources focused on student success.

The current ecosystem includes online tutoring (Link-Systems International’s NetTutor), proctoring (Proctorio), plagiarism detection (VeriCite), counseling (Cranium Cafe) and student readiness assessment (SmarterMeasure). This suite of resources supports student success by leveraging technology as another method for access, online.

Can•Innovate registration fee is $20. Faculty and staff are encouraged submit presentations that showcase innovative ways they embed Canvas into their instruction. To register, submit a proposal. To learn more about Can•Innovate!, please visit the conference website, or contact Marsha Reske via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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