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California Community Colleges Education Planning InitiativeOn May 6, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) presented at the 2017 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Leadership Institute, with a focus on CCC MyPath, emphasizing the Career Coach tool.

Career Coach helps students find the right path through a quick, intuitive assessment, alignment with current labor market information and a bridge to college programs. Through this online tool, students are introduced to the entire array of potential programs and careers leading to informed decisions regarding their future.

The presentation, delivered in collaboration between the CCC Chancellor’s Office, CCC Tech Center and Sierra College, focused on four points:

  • An overview of changing perspective and policies around student success

  • A brief history and goals of the Education Planning Initiative

  • A look at how Career Coach supports education and career planning, with a demonstration using Labor Market Data

  • A brief description of the role and status of the CCC MyPath student services portal

2017 CTE Leadership Institute

Sponsored by the Chancellor's Office through Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) held the annual CTE Leadership Institute on May 5-6, 2017, at the San Jose Marriott. The event provided CTE faculty with the opportunity to engage in key policy conversations through their interaction with representatives of the CTE task force, and by learning about the implications of policy decisions on local programs and courses.

By participating in breakout sessions, attendees were able to better understand the college processes, which included topics on leadership, curriculum design, course repetition and effective program advocacy.

Career Coach Information

Students today have a plethora of options when it comes to determining their career goals. However, they can find it difficult to narrow down the options to their individualized pathways. Developed specifically for the CCC by counselors, staff and stakeholders from across the state, and offered to colleges at no cost, the CCC MyPath Career Coach provides access to essential information and support so important to traditionally underserved student populations.

During the presentation entitled “MyPath: Career/Assessment solutions for the student’s journey through education to employment,” CTE Leadership Institute attendees learned how Career Coach:

  1. Supports information and strategic outcomes for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity or socio-economic background

  2. Employs a quick interest-based assessment to connect students’ interests to careers and associated college programs

  3. Facilitates student engagement and success because coursework becomes relevant and connected to future career goals.

  4. Provides students and counselors with labor data regarding wages, daily tasks, job postings and projections in their region, the actual employers posting those jobs, and the skills and education needed to be successful in those jobs.

For More Information

To learn more about Career Coach and its role within CCC MyPath, the team behind the tool recorded a special informational webinar. The webinar, which includes both tool demonstrations for both Career Coach and CCC MyPath, has been posted on the Education Planning Initiative’s website,, under the “Resources” tab, on the “Webinars” page.

In addition to the webinar, the EPI website contains vital background information regarding the initiative as well as status updates. To join Career Coach’s user support community, visit the Career Coach category on Visit EPI’s website to stay informed about future webinars.

David Quintanilla is a project team member of
the California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative


CCC TechEDge News and CCC Technology for Student Success News ceased publication in 2018.

Produced by the CCC Technology Center under a grant from the CCC Chancellor's Office, both publications are archived on this website.