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California Community Colleges Online Course ExchangeThe online Course Exchange for the California Community Colleges (CCC) has begun using a systemwide-technology support site to broadcast news about software updates and answer questions users have about the exchange.

Through, Course Exchange officials hope to create a community where staff and administrators at colleges using the exchange can get up-to-date information about releases, get answers to their questions, and share knowledge with other users.

A Course Exchange category on the site currently consists of frequently asked questions. Starting May 3, the exchange category will announce software updates that are released at the end of each three-week development cycle, explained John Sills, product manager for the Course Exchange, which is facilitated by the CCC Online Education Initiative.

“We need to communicate about product updates to stakeholders, including pilot teams and single points of contact at the pilot colleges,” Sills said.

Users can follow the Course Exchange category to receive email alerts when someone posts a question or a reply, or to submit support requests. Sign up for at

Existing communication methods will continue to be used – such as email newsletters. However, posting the most up-to-date information in one easily accessible place is seen as a more efficient and transparent way of disseminating the information, Sills explained.

Growing Technology Support Community

Since went live almost two years ago, the site has hosted more than 700 conversations in an ever-expanding list of product categories. Today, the site hosts 15 product categories, including CCCApply, CCC Report Center, Student Services Portal, Career Coach, Ed Planning/Degree Audit, and others.

CCCApply was one of the first products to utilize the online community for site-maintenance announcements and technical support, eliminating the need to use Listserv to communicate with users. The site has become a primary communication platform for CCCApply project information, according to Product Manager Patty Donohue.

“With the site, we feel we have provided the best of both worlds: a venue for staff interaction, and two-way communication between colleges needing technical support and the Technology Center,” Donohue said.

The site is designed to be an on-demand technical support hub for college staff and administrators to get questions answered, problems solved, and share ideas and feedback. Users can search for specific topics, submit a request for support by starting a “conversation,” and follow categories of interest to receive email alerts when new information is posted.

Posts are monitored by CCC Technology Center staff and replies are added directly to the post. To join, sign up at

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor


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