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College of the Sequoias Police Academy students; image courtesy of the CCC Chancellor's OfficeAs graduation season approaches, California Community Colleges (CCC) students are increasingly focused on their next steps. Determining how they will use the skills they have learned during their academic careers becomes a priority.

Resources to assist with this vital task are available. However, students can find it difficult to locate all of the information offered to them.

Students are looking for data regarding career opportunities, salary information and job openings in their field of interest. The CCC Education Planning Initiative (EPI) will soon be able to help students discover the available information through a specific resource within its Student Services Portal.

EPI Goals

The EPI has several goals which guide the development of its tools and services. For students, the two primary goals of the initiative are to:

  • Help students make informed choices
  • Help students clarify their education goals and plan for success

The EPI strives to fulfill these goals, first, by providing students with access to individualized information to allow them to make decisions based on all available information. Second, the EPI presents this data to students in a streamlined and ordered fashion to assist with their decision making process. This is particularly important when determining which career field the student will pursue.

The EPI is currently developing a Student Services Portal that will be offered to colleges. The Portal will provide students with a centralized online location for finding resources relevant to their interests and will assist them with educational success.

The Student Services Portal is currently in the pilot stage of the project. A readiness survey was issued in November to determine which colleges will be involved in the next phase of implementation. EPI has selected four colleges to participate in the pilot.

Introducing Emsi

Emsi logoIn order to fulfill these goals, the EPI has selected Emsi as its vendor to incorporate its Career Coach tool into the Student Services Portal. Emsi provides labor market data, analysis and tools like Career Coach to help colleges build a better workforce and nurture strong local economies, businesses and graduates.

Since 2000, hundreds of community colleges have trusted Emsi’s services to help align their programs to the needs of their communities, combat enrollment declines, connect their students to successful careers, and demonstrate their impact on their regions. By incorporating the tools and experience Emsi provides into the Student Services Portal, the EPI will increase the portal’s effectiveness in assisting students in their educational goals.

Informational Webinar

On Thursday, June 9, the EPI will partner with Emsi to host the next in its series of webinars designed to provide additional information on specific aspects of the project. This hour-long session, scheduled for 9:30 a.m., will provide background on Emsi, what the company does, and how it can help meet the goals of the Education Planning Initiative. The Emsi team will also provide an introduction to Emsi data and demonstrate how industry, careers and programs intersect.

Representatives from the EPI team will provide information on the Education Planning Initiative and its role in this aspect of the project. To register, please go to You will not want to miss the introduction to this exciting new feature of the Student Services Portal.

David Quintanilla is a project team member of the
California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative