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Santa Rosa Junior College is one of the first to offer CCC MyPath, a Student Services Portal developed by the Education Planning Initiative.

The California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) announced the initial production version of the CCC MyPath student portal is ready for colleges to begin offering it to their students.

CCC MyPath is designed to help students clarify their educational goals, and to reduce stress at crowded institutions by helping them to research and make educated decisions for themselves in a self-serve, portal environment. The long-term aim is to provide a fully connected suite of student services apps, with CCC MyPath as the central component linking them together.

This is a major milestone for development of CCC MyPath for a variety of reasons, said Mike Caruso, CCC MyPath Product Manager. “We're ready for institutional usage, pending their account configuration, and also ready to begin supporting other projects that are relying on CCC MyPath infrastructure components,” he said. “Additionally, the Chancellor's Office can begin its work on the experience for unauthenticated students, which they have already begun in the pilot environment.”

Colleges Configure Portal Interface

Pilot teams at Santa Rosa Junior College and State Center Community College District are working toward releasing the portal to wider usage among their student populations. Each institution has chosen a very different model for directing students to the portal, demonstrating the local control aspect that is a hallmark of the portal’s design.

In the State Center district pilot, students are placed in the CCC MyPath portal as soon as they show interest in applying at the college by clicking the Apply Online link from the college’s website. At this point, prospective students are encouraged to create an OpenCCC account, a unique ID that will allow them to access CCC services online once they are registered.

After the application process is completed, CCC MyPath has the ability to present students with resources and apps based on the information provided on their college application.

In contrast, Santa Rosa Junior College has chosen to wait until after the application process to place students in the CCC MyPath portal workflow.

Variety Of Apps Available

Caruso noted that these are just two cases of how colleges might configure the portal workflow. Indeed, colleges aren’t required to send their students to CCC MyPath after the application, at all. State Center district, for example, is sending students to its own portal after the application process.

Institutions will further be able to decide what apps to make available to students through their local portal interfaces. Portal content available today includes CCCApply, Hobsons Starfish Enterprise Success Platform, career exploration through Emsi’s Career Coach, online orientation, financial aid, priority registration and more.

In addition, colleges can use the portal to communicate with students via email, SMS text and/or a built in CCC MyPath inbox after they complete the application.

EPI worked with a team at Unicon to develop CCC MyPath, and pushed the first release into a production environment in late October.

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor