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California Community Colleges Education Planning InitiativeThrough development of innovative tools, such as the CCC MyPath Student Services Portal, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) is assisting colleges with helping students clarify short- and long-term goals.

Representatives from the EPI’s steering committee recently presented an update on the initiative’s progress at the CCC Chancellor’s Office Student Equity/SSSP Directors Training 2016 conference. The presentation emphasized the EPI’s collaboration with colleges as they tackle the challenges facing students on their educational journey.

There is clearly a need to help students build a structured plan to reach their educational goals, share that plan so there is accountability, and track their progress with appropriate follow up and guidance. The EPI will help meet this need by assisting students to make informed choices.

To be successful, students need access to information in a streamlined and ordered fashion that is presented in the context of their individual needs and where they are in the matriculation and education processes. Many students change majors multiple times while in community college. How choices are presented to the student is important.

The EPI will provide a structured pathway to minimize complexity and lead students to successful completion of their goals. As goals and plans are documented, they will be available to counseling and other student services professionals, faculty and the student, so everyone is on the same page, i.e., where the student is in regards to their plan, what their next steps are, and how long it will take to reach their goal.

Focus On Student Equity

Throughout the development of its tools, the EPI has ensured that equity is built into the fabric of our work processes. To that end, seven personas, based on CCC demographics, were created to represent the different communities of users throughout the state. Each persona helped to inform the policy and design of the EPI’s tools. The EPI sought to provide student-centric solutions, responding to persona-driven statements such as:

  • “I can’t go to school today because my babysitter is sick.”
  • “I took classes I didn’t need.”
  • “The course was full or not available.”
  • “I can’t ever get time with my counselor or instructor.”
  • “I changed my major – I now have major problems.”

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The EPI views CCC MyPath as a platform to increase student understanding of the importance of education planning, activities and campus-based resources that can help keep them on track to complete their educational and career goals. It is with this focus in mind that the EPI is developing toolsets to transform business processes, integrate statewide toolsets and remove barriers.

EPI Status Update

The initiative is now entering its fourth year of operations and is well positioned to continue its work with the guidance of its eight steering committees. The CCC MyPath Student Services Portal will go live at several colleges in October. Student testing recently conducted at Santa Rosa Junior College and Butte College has yielded overwhelmingly positive results.

The Hobsons Starfish Enterprise Success Platform is live in three of the 13 pilot colleges. Eighteen additional colleges will begin the implementation process in the near future. EPI’s focus is also on increasing participation in electronic transcripts, with exploration around providing the ability to order their individual records. Finally, the Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory is currently under development, with a recent webinar providing additional information.

EPI’s Focus

The EPI’s progress in the development of its tools has demonstrated its commitment to being a supportive component of an institution's equity plans. The EPI’s focus has been to humanize the essential processes, retaining and encouraging a student-centric approach. Each product is designed to facilitate one-on-one interaction with students, while reducing complexity for all involved.

In addition, the EPI’s tools are designed to promote collaboration among the different teams at colleges by providing a common language with which to have healthy conversations. Through planning, grit and collaboration, success has been and will continue to be achieved. To learn more about the Education Planning Initiative, please visit our website,

David Quintanilla is a project team member of
the California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative