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Education Planning Initiative session at the 2016 Curriculum Institute, hoted by the Academic Senate for CCCCurriculum is a foundational component of the California Community Colleges (CCC). Its development is a priority on many campuses as administrators, faculty and classified staff work together to create instructional materials for students.

As part of its goal to assist with coordination within and between colleges, the CCC Education Planning Initiative (EPI) is developing the Chancellor's Office Curriculum Inventory application, known as COCI. The COCI is a non-vendor-specific application with automation improvements designed to decrease the Academic Affairs review processing timeline. To provide information on development status of the COCI and an update on the EPI as a whole, the EPI team gave several presentations at the recent 2016 Curriculum Institute in Anaheim, Calif.

COCI Advisory Committee

Upon request of the CCC Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), the Academic Affairs (AA) Division and CCC Technology Center (CCCTC) combined efforts to discover the current Chancellor's Office Curriculum Inventory solution, referred as CIV2, and develop a recommended solution to help improve processing timeliness. One finding identified a need for a non-vendor-specific application to allow any vendor to build an automated data exchange solution.

Working with the AA Subject Matter Experts, another finding identified the need to automate the manual processes. After reviewing these findings with the CCCCO, the CCCTC recommended that the current CIV2 be rewritten.

The overall solution to implement a new and improved curriculum inventory system is well underway. Data exchange criteria is being developed as the CCCTC, facilitated by the AA, works with the local college curriculum inventory vendors to build a new data exchange solution.

New Program Course Approval Handbook & Curriculum Inventory

The Curriculum Institute is a three-day event presented by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges. The institute welcomes all who are involved in developing curriculum for CCC students. It provides a venue for attendees to engage with colleagues and to discuss ways to improve and develop local curriculum processes. In addition to offering interactive training, the institute provides several opportunities to interact with Chancellor’s Office staff.

Michael Tuccillo (seated), Technical Project Analyst for the CCC Technology Center, discusses curriculum inventory at the ASCCC 2016 Curriculum Institute.The EPI conducted multiple sessions during the conference, each with a unique focus. One of these was a general session centered on changes to the Program Course Approval Handbook (PCAH) and the Curriculum Inventory, with a corresponding breakout session for follow-up questions. During the general session, EPI Program Director David Shippen and EPI Project Manager Rachel Stamm provided an update on the status of CIV2. They were joined by several members of the Chancellor’s Office Curriculum Inventory Advisory Committee, including Jackie Escajeda from the Chancellor’s Office, John Freitas from Los Angeles City College and Erik Shearer from Napa Valley College. During the breakout session, they were joined by Michael Tuccillo, the Technical Project Analyst for C-ID, ASSIST, Curriculum Inventory and CENIC. Rachel and Michael showcased a demonstration of the Curriculum Inventory system and answered audience questions.

Education Planning Initiative Update

In addition, the EPI team conducted a small breakout session that provided an update on progress and status of the initiative. David Shippen was joined by Cynthia Rico, Acting Dean of Counseling and Student Success at San Diego Continuing Education. They discussed topics including:

  • The Role of Curriculum in EPI
  • The Relationship of EPI to other initiatives
  • EPI toolset benefits and implementation status:
    • MyPath – Student Services Portal
    • Career Coach – Workforce tool, inputs to goal setting
    • Starfish – Supporting Pathways with Curriculum

The session concluded with a discussion about the role of curriculum in EPI using the persona of “Regina”, a returning student, and a conversation about the EPI’s upcoming professional development resources.

For Further Information

Moving forward, the EPI will present at conferences throughout the summer, including the 2016 CHUGADUG/3CDUG in August. To view the EPI status update, please visit the EPI website at, and visit often as other presentation and professional development resources will continue to be uploaded.

David Quintanilla is a project team member of the
California Community Colleges Education Planning Initiative