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California Community Colleges Online Education InitiativeInstructure recently completed a major development effort on behalf of the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI) that allows a student identifier known as CCCID to be stored in the Canvas course management system.

The CCCID will be necessary for accessing Canvas through a student services portal being developed by the CCC Education Planning Initiative. The portal, when fully developed, will be the entry point to systemwide services including the OEI Course Exchange, the common assessment system known as CCCAssess, and others.

The development comes as at least 85 of the state’s 113 community colleges are in some stage of implementing Canvas as a common course management system that will standardize delivery of online courses within the CCC.

Colleges using Canvas should already be storing the CCCID in their student information systems, and should immediately begin transferring that data into Canvas via CSV upload. This will be required for additional integration and participation in future OEI activities and other statewide technology initiatives, according to John Sills, OEI Program Manager.

Documentation of the new "integration_id" field in Canvas can be found at


A CCCID is a unique student-identifier generated when an individual creates an OpenCCC account, enabling secure, single sign-on access to admissions applications and other systemwide web-based services. The CCCID is commonly created during the admissions application process known as CCCApply, however, any existing student can (and should) be encouraged to create an OpenCCC account and thus create their own CCCID, explained Lou Delzompo, Chief Technology Officer of the CCC Technology Center.

Instructure added a data field to support CCCID at the request of the OEI, but gave it the nonspecific name of “integration_id” to allow other customers to utilize the field for their specific needs. In the near future, the CCCID will also be used by Canvas to provide an improved user experience for students taking courses at multiple colleges, Sills noted.

Crista Souza is the TechEDge News Editor