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California Community Colleges Accessibility Center Help DeskAddressing web and information technology (IT) accessibility topics can often raise more questions than answers. Changes in technology capabilities, including that of assistive technologies for students with disabilities, can create confusion and uncertainty as to what is considered accessible or the best practice for ensuring access.

To support colleges and districts with obtaining answers on accessibility issues related to web and IT topics, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Accessibility Center is excited to launch the Accessibility Center Help Desk.

The Accessibility Center Help Desk offers all CCC employees, including faculty, staff and administrators, the opportunity to ask questions and review answers regarding web and IT accessibility. Backed by a team of accessibility subject matter experts, the Help Desk offers a search-based interface to find answers or post new questions related to web and IT accessibility topics. For example, accessibility questions could include:

  • What is the purpose of headings in a web page and should I include them?
  • When is it appropriate to not include a text description for an image?
  • How do I support accessibility for mobile devices?
  • What steps should I follow to include captions for YouTube videos?
  • How can I check accessibility in my MS Word documents?

Out Of Scope Questions

The Accessibility Center Help Desk can provide information and responses for the aforementioned questions or direct users to other resources that may be appropriate. However, there are some questions that the Help Desk is unable to answer as these may involve separate analyses and evaluations. Such questions include, “Is the following product accessible?” or “Can you review my website and tell me all the accessibility problems?”

The Help Desk is not intended to obtain accessibility testing and analyses on vendor products or other websites. If you are seeking accessibility support for such issues, please contact the CCC Accessibility Center.

Engaging With The Help Desk

The Accessibility Center Help Desk is intended to provide a community-based forum to review past questions and answers as well as ask about new issues. Questions and follow-up responses are called Conversations. To start, enter your question in the “Find or Start a Conversation” search field. If there are no Conversations found or you do not find a suitable answer, then press the “Continue Creating the Conversation” button at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to:

  • Edit your question title
  • Identify the conversation type as Question
  • Provide a description of your question
  • Indicate the Related Category, which should be the CCC Accessibility Center

Questions may also be marked private so that only the Help Desk responders can view the questions and the answers will not be made public. To enable this option, check the checkbox marked “Post this Conversation Privately” when posting a new question. This will result in only you and the Help Desk staff being able to view your question and any follow-up responses.

Things To Know

At this time, all users are required to sign in to post any questions to the Accessibility Center Help Desk. The Help Desk interface is powered by the Get Satisfaction platform and you can register using either a Facebook or Google account or by creating a unique Get Satisfaction username and password. When answers are posted to the Help Desk interface, these responses will also be directed to your email address as well as available on the Help Desk website.

If you would like to receive updates for specific Conversations, use the Follow button and this will alert you via email when additional information has been posted on that specific conversation. If you would like to be informed of any question posted to the Help Desk, then you can choose to follow the entire CCC Accessibility Center category. Be careful, though, as this will alert you to all information posted to the Help Desk.

The Accessibility Center Help Desk is now available for all CCC staff to ask questions and find answers regarding web and IT accessibility topics. We welcome your feedback on this new resource and encourage you to submit questions today!

Sean Keegan is Director of the California Community Colleges Accessibility Center



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