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Pedagogy 2.0If Homo sapiens are learning animals, shouldn't higher education be the most human of all professions? Pedagogy 2.0 considers the evolving discipline of education, how technology informs it, and how these changes in turn inform our view of who we are as a species.


Pedagogy 2.0 will leave no stone unturned in seeking out and reporting on the most interesting and unusual developments, whether they are technical in nature, sociological, or just plain strange. After all, most things worth considering are a little bit of each.

Whenever possible, Pedagogy 2.0 will be delivered as streaming video instead of mere text on a page. Although we love text, we believe that pictures are worth a thousand words. Video represents 30 pictures a second. Thus a five-minute video is worth 150,000 words. You may want to watch this one!

In this edition of Pedagogy 2.0, we ask the question "is Wikileaks holding up a mirror of truth to the world, or are they creating a world of hurt instead?" After watching this short video, blog back and let us know what you think.


Watch this video at YouTube.


Freedom of Information


Terrorism by Talking?