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New Look for Tech Center Websites

October 31, 2022

Screenshot of home pageIf you’ve visited any of the project websites of the California Community Colleges Technology Center in the past month, you may have noticed a few changes. And more are yet to come.

An overall streamlining is underway that will not only bring a fresh and inviting appearance to our public-facing websites but also see a number of sites go offline as project tracking and documentation migrates to team collaboration spaces in the Confluence environment.

The effort began early this year with the closure of and URLs for each of these sites now automatically redirect to the associated product pages at

Last month, a similar move redirected the former websites of the Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC) and Systemwide Architecture Committee (SAC) to their respective Confluence spaces.

Meanwhile, September also brought a visual update to the centers — Technology, Accessibility, and Information Security — as well as the eTranscript California project site and the Tech Central news repository. Heavy, dark blue headers have been replaced with a sleek white background, and narrower page layouts further display a modern sensibility.

More changes will be implemented in the coming months. Notably, will soon get a new home page design to mirror that of the centers — a format that presents multiple entry points to the wealth of information housed within the website.

Additionally, all project website content is undergoing a thorough review with an eye toward ensuring information is up to date, well organized, and reflects the Technology Center’s mission of innovation to serve the needs of the community college system. The goal is to complete the refresh of all websites by the end of the year.